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Our Histroy


Top Marketing was founded in 1982. In the beginning, we were a small company with only 7 employees. With the support of our clients and the founder's insistence on fulfilling our missions, Top Marketing has gradually grown in terms of profit and scale, becoming an important company exporting household products to Europe and America.


As our business continued to grow, Top Marketing set up an office, a showroom and an employee dormitory in Hangzhou in 2006, in order to operate at our production base, provide the most immediate services for our clients and bring more well-rounded support to our suppliers.


In 2008, Top Marketing established an office in Guangzhou, which is situated right next to Canton Fair, providing our clients with a convenient environment for business corporations.
During our development and growth, Top Marketing has constantly sought greater innovation to bring higher added value to our clients. Facing the transition of the global economy and trade, we are compelled to think deeply how we could break traditional molds and create a more comprehensive company structure.


In 2018, Top Marketing officially launched YU Living, a brand that introduces European and American household products and lifestyles to Asia. We will first start in Taiwan. Soon, we will enter the China, Japan, and South Korea markets. With 35 years of solid foundation, we hope to make YU Living a significant platform for high-quality household products in Asia.

Since the first year till its 35th year, Top Marketing has kept to its promises to the clients.

In the next 35 years, Top Marketing will uphold its faith with higher self-expectations, so that we may create even better values for our clients, suppliers and markets.

ChairmanWei-Cheng LaiFounder

"Along the way, we at Top Marketing have constantly urged ourselves to seek greater innovation and change, improving incessantly. This is the meaning of Top Marketing's existence.

We believe in teamwork instead of individualism; we cherish unity instead of separation; we work for all instead of ourselves; we move forward instead of going backward. These are the qualities of every Top Marketing employee.

Top Marketing's every past achievement has been the most outstanding results of all Top Marketing employees' efforts. In the future, I hope that we will create even more dazzling success together."