Top Marketing Taiwan Corp Top Marketing Taiwan Corp

Our Core Values

Trust is the foundation of everything.

We believe that as a trading company, we not only work with values that are recognized traditionally,
but more importantly, to also become a trustworthy partner.

Founded 35 years ago, Top Marketing has grown together with its clients, providing support for each other.
To this day, our many suppliers have transformed from small factories at the beginning into excellent large-scale corporations.
Top Marketing has formed intimate networks with these suppliers that trust each other, and grow side by side.

From the initial stage, through the developing stage, to the expansion stage, we have come a long way.
Now, we have established a stable corporate structure and territory. Top Marketing is now embracing a brand new future.
While our products have constantly changed over time, our insistence has remained the same as it was on the first day of our establishment.
Among the connections with trust as the core,

Top Marketing has always worked hard to provide services for clients and suppliers
in accordance with the following core values:


01Comprehensive value-added service

Trading should not be just about trading. We know that our clients need better products and less trouble. Thus, we always try to go the extra mile in our clients' shoes , actively providing more ideas and solutions. We also bring more possibilities to our clients’ businesses. For every client, we provide not only products, but also comprehensive one-stop service.

02Simplification of Procedures

The more important procedures should be simpler. We are deeply aware of the fact that “time” is the key to success. Thus, we put great effort into making our procedures more efficient. Highly efficient infrastructure and work procedures have become our most competitive assets, which also bring enormous profit to our clients.

03Operating procedure constantly improved for realizing excellence

Product development

We work closely with our clients and take the pulse of market trends in developing hot-sales products with high efficiency and meeting clients' needs.


We continue to explore quality suppliers to keep our supply chain flexible.


We always take the initiative in satisfying clients’ needs, solving problems and fulfilling our missions.

Information system management

We set up a highly efficient information system to optimize our work procedures.

Our faith and attitude

* *


Listening is prioritized over everything else in our service provision. We always listen carefully regarding each and every need of our clients and consider every aspect for them. We work hard to perfect each detail to satisfy our clients’ needs.



Loyalty and concentration are the two qualities of a Top Marketing employee. For many years, we have focused on providing high-quality household products for the European and American markets because we know that only concentration can lead to perfection. Therefore, we have the highest expectations of ourselves and constantly strive to increase our competitiveness.

* *


The work that we love is also the life that we lead. Since our establishment, the founder of Top Marketing has passionately led every employee to have the same degree of enthusiasm. We take every challenge at work seriously, see the clients’ needs as our own needs, and deem the growth of our suppliers as our own growth.

* *


As a professional trading company, we continue to keep our promises, winning the trust of our clients and suppliers. We discipline ourselves with high standards to meet the clients’ expectations and to become a trustworthy business partner for them.